Game 5 > Game 2

  1. Game 2 was actually pretty normal until the 9th inning. Game 5 was pretty much insane from the top of the 1st, when Keuchel gave up 3 runs. It was absolute batshit insanity from the 4th inning on after Gurriel homered off Kershaw.
  2. The Game 5 starters were both Cy Young winners and neither made it out of the 5th inning.
  3. The Astros erased a 4-run deficit, a 3-run deficit, and a 1-run deficit. The Dodgers erased a 3-run deficit IN THE NINTH INNING. Not even Game 2 was that crazy.
  4. The Astros’ bullpen surrendered eight runs — and the Astros still won.
  5. Every Dodger who batted in the game had at least one base hit — and the Dodgers still lost.