If you have a basic understanding of owner financing in general andĀ wraparound mortgagesĀ in particular, you can sell your house on a wrap, hopefully faster and at a better price than waiting for all cash or a new loan. Like the garden-variety real estate sale, selling on a wrap involves a contract, an inspection period, and […]

Buying a house with a wraparound mortgage is one of many ways to buy real estate with owner financing. Any time a seller will finance part of the purchase of a home, it’s usually a good thing, especially if it means you, the buyer, don’t have to apply for a new bank loan. There are […]

Seller’s Wraparound Bundle Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Estate Notice of Conveyance Encumbered by Lien Authorization to Release Loan Information Special Warranty Deed With Vendor’s Lien Note Secured by Wraparound Mortgage Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption Closing Agreement and Due-on-Sale Acknowledgment Bill of Sale and Assignment Purchase Price: $97 Buyer’s Wraparound Bundle […]